At present, the winery mainly markets 3 lines of wine under the brands Honorio, Tremendus and Pasus, always leaving an egg between them, for the different experimental wines that seek nothing more than to satisfy the concerns that arise within the winery.


It is the most current line, wines with great fruit expressivity. 3 wines are sold. In the elaboration of these wines we seek to enhance and highlight the varietal character of the Grenache and the Viura by elaborating them well separately and together as in the case of Claret.

Tremendus Blanco 100% Viura

Tremendus Clarete Viura + Garnacha

Tremendus Red young 100% Garnacha + 3 months oak cask


Pasus is the commitment of the winery to make wines a little more special, without haste, without pre-fixed rules, it is a line where we try to express sensations without paying attention to established rules, where patience is once again our main work tool. Under this concept we currently market 3 wines:

Pasus White semi sweet 100% Viura

Pasus Crianza Tempranillo + Garnacha

Pasus Reserve Tempranillo + Garnacha


Clarete, white, red, young, aging and reserve wines are made under this brand. It is the most classic line, fine wines, subtle, fresh, frank wines that seek to satisfy a majority and pay homage to the work of previous generations.

Honorio Rubio Blanco 100% Viura

Honorio Rubio Clarete Viura + Garnacha

Honorio Rubio Red young Tempranillo + Garnacha + Mazuelo

Honorio Rubio Crianza 90% Tempranillo + Garnacha + Mazuelo

Honorio Rubio Reserve 90% Tempranillo + Garnacha + Mazuelo