The Claret of Cordovin

Cordovín has been and is known for its wine: claret. Term that gives rise to error by confusing it with pink. Clarete is a wine visually similar to rosé, but made in a similar way to red wine, making the maceration prior to the fermentation of the wine, with the skins, but with a good proportion of white grapes, so that a wine of Pale bright pink, fresh and very fruity.

The relationship of the Rubio-Villar family with wine is lost in the mists of time, more than a century ago Don Juan Rubio Hernando begins in a small underground cellar excavated in the clay to elaborate his first “Claret of Cordovín” in ” cubas “of stone. During the first decades of the 20th century, the Rubio family progressively increased the production of their wines, marketing them through other producers in the environment following the traditional “on trial”, that is, after tasting the “cuba” by the interested party and later agreeing the price. The winery generation after generation is expanding its capacity until in 1961 Don Delfín Rubio continues with the family tradition but begins with the direct sale of its wines to the packers, observing how it progressively increases the recognition of wines “Claretes de Cordovín” of significant Fame in the northern area of ​​Spain.

It will take 30 more years for Honorio to take charge of the winery and start marketing his wines bottled on the property in 1989.