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Honorio Rubio, the man, and the wines bearing his name, are a far cry from what is often (and erroneously) referred to as ‘classical’ Rioja. Honorio works in a specific sector of Rioja – the Najerilla Valley, which favours high quality Garnacha.

He is both a conservator of marginal historical styles, notably the Clarete pinks of which he is the leading proponent, and also an innovator working at the margins of textural enhancement in both Viura whites and Claretes.

Lís Finas' Viura 2014
Honorio Rubio

Lís Finas’ Viura 2014

'Tremendus' Garnacha-Viura Clarete 2018
Honorio Rubio

‘Tremendus’ Garnacha-Viura Clarete 2018

Lías Finas Garnacha' Viura Clarete 2015
Honorio Rubio

Lías Finas Garnacha’ Viura Clarete 2015